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The Most Common Cosmetic Goals in Rhinoplasty Surgery

As one of the top five cosmetic surgeries available, rhinoplasty continues to increase in popularity. Last year, over 200,000 nose re-shaping surgeries were performed. Rhinoplasty is an excellent surgical option to provide balance to your face by making your nose more aesthetically pleasing. Here are the most common requests from patients to cosmetically change their nose.

Smoothing or Lowering of the Nasal Bridge

Trauma, aging, or genetics can create humps, bumps or depressions in the nasal bridge. For example, a person who has had a broken nose may notice that their nose appears crooked. Some are genetically prone to overly projected nasal bridges, giving them a hook-nosed appearance, most often noticed in candid photos. Rhinoplasty can improve the nasal bridge by smoothing out those bumps and by lowering the nasal bridge.

Reduction of the Alar Base Width

Many people are genetically predisposed to a wide alar base, or nostril base. It gives the person the appearance of an overly large or wide nose, which can make the nose a more prominent feature than desired. Rhinoplasty can be used to reduce the alar base by bringing the cartilage and tissue closer together and creating a better facial balance.

Thinning of the Nasal Bridge

A large nose can also be caused by a wide nasal bridge, which makes the nose seem flat against the face and also causes the nose to look larger than it really is. A rhinoplasty expert can reduce the width of the nasal bridge by bringing the bones closer together and raising it slightly to give the face more depth.

Reshaping or Contouring of the Nasal Tip

Noses come in every shape and size. The nasal tip is one of the most noticeable features of your nose and can be easily reshaped with rhinoplasty. A “fat tip” or “ball at the end of my nose” is a common complaint of Rhinoplasty patients. Cartilage and tissue can be removed or implants can be added to contour and shape your nasal tip in a way that complements the rest of your nose.

Reshaping of the Nostrils

Many patients have a problem with wide or flaring nostrils. Some people also find that their nostrils are asymmetrical. Rhinoplasty can reshape and reduce the size of your nostrils by taking away cartilage and tissue or by simple repositioning it. This is usually done in conjunction with nasal tip reshaping.

Improving Nasal Symmetry in Relation to the Face

Any or all of these corrections can be implemented in a rhinoplasty procedure. They contribute to the creation of a symmetrical nose that balances with the rest of the face. Your nose is one of your most prominent features on your face – it should be designed to help you look your best!

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