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Statistics Show CoolSculpting Could Help Almost 90 Percent of Women

ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc, creators of the CoolSculpting technology, have recently commissioned a study among women to find out how they feel about their bodies as the weather gets warmer. Surprisingly, even women who are fit and healthy have some problem areas that they wish would go away. Even in the summer, when it’s time to bare more skin in shorts and tank tops, some of these women would prefer to cover up. CoolSculpting, the latest and greatest in fat cell removal, is specially designed to target these problem areas without surgery.

How Women Feel About Their Bodies

The Wakefield Research company asked 500 women over the age of 18 several questions about their bodies for the ZELTIQ survey. The answers revealed that women are not confident in how they look during swimsuit season. When asked if they would be comfortable posting a picture of themselves in a bikini on social media websites, about 78 percent of women said no. Amazingly, the average woman thinks about changing some part of her body about seven times a day.

Here are the statistics for the body problem areas that women want to have improved before they would consider their body ready for bikini season:

  • Arms – 37 percent
  • Butt – 38 percent
  • Flanks (also known as love handles) – 44 percent
  • Thighs – 54 percent
  • Abdomen – 74 percent

All in all, 88 percent of these women felt that one or more parts of their body needed improvement. Over 60 percent utilize methods that cover up their problem areas, including refusing to wear anything that reveals that particular body part. This leads to women feeling unhappy with their bodies and lacking in self-confidence.

How CoolSculpting Can Help

In the human body are layers of fat cells beneath the skin that act as an energy source and insulation against extreme cold or heat. Even when there is significant weight loss, the number of fat cells remains the same; they simply become smaller. This sometimes results in areas of the body, particularly around the middle, exhibiting an extra “pooch.”

CoolSculpting is specifically designed to fix those problem areas by using freezing technology to target fat cells in precise locations. Using a special applicator paddle, technicians freeze fat cells in the body, which then die and are eliminated naturally in a matter of weeks. This helps to contour the body by removing layers of fat cells without invasive surgery. Once those layers are gone, they don’t come back!

CoolSculpting at Basile MediSpa

Here at Basile Plastic Surgery & MediSpa, we offer a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical options to help you look and feel your best. We are very excited to offer CoolSculpting as one of our many non-surgical tools to contour your body and eliminate those stubborn fat pockets. This treatment is completely non-invasive and can be performed in about an hour. There’s no anesthesia, no recovery needed, and no risk to the skin and muscle tissues. For those women who feel like their bodies don’t reflect their healthy lifestyle or that their bodies just refuse to respond to diet and exercise — this treatment is for you!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

If you are interested in finding out how CoolSculpting can be personally beneficial, call our office at (239) 514-8777 to schedule a free initial consultation. Dr. Basile and his staff will assess your goals to determine if you are a candidate for CoolSculpting, discuss your personal needs, and develop a unique treatment plan designed specifically for you. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about the CoolSculpting technology. If you would prefer coming in with a friend, see our website or call to find out when our next “Cool Event” informational and fun seminar is being held.

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