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Facelifts Are Not Just for Women

While women still dominate the world of plastic surgery, at least in this country, cosmetic procedures continue to grow in popularity for men with each passing year. In 2013, over one million cosmetic procedures were performed on men. Facelifts were ranked in the Top 10 of the most common procedures performed on men and women with over 12,000 facelifts performed on men. There was also almost a 10 percent increase in the total number of facelift procedures performed since 2012.

Facelifts are a popular choice in the cosmetic surgery community because the procedure is restorative – it gives patients a way to look younger by restoring the skin in the face and neck. For men, facelifts also provide a way to instill confidence in the workplace and in relationships.

Male Facelift Considerations

Essentially, a facelift has the same desired outcome for both men and women. However, men have anatomically different facial structures than women that need to be taken into consideration. Men, for example, generally have a more defined chin and jaw line than women, which will dictate how the skin is lifted in that area. Many men who get a facelift have a neck lift performed at the same time, meaning that the surgeon has to pay attention to the token Adam’s apple present in men.

Some of the major considerations in male facelift surgery, however, relate to the external appearance of men vs. women. Men have significantly more facial hair that will continue to grow after the procedure. This means that the surgeon has to be mindful of where incisions are made and where the lifted skin is placed.

Men also tend to wear their hair shorter and have further receding hair lines than women, which reduce the number of places a surgeon can hide the incisions and resulting scars. Most surgeons will accommodate this by placing the incisions under the chin or right at the crease where the ear meets the rest of the head.

Benefits of a Male Facelift

A facelift targets the middle area of the face to reduce signs of aging, such as loss of skin tone along the jaw line, and deep wrinkles alongside the mouth. The procedure is designed to tighten and contour the skin around the chin and jaw bone while lifting the skin around the cheeks. It creates a younger, stronger appearance in the male face.

Male Facelifts at Basile Plastic Surgery

One of the best things about a facelift is that is can be combined with other facial cosmetic procedures to give your entire face a fresh look. Here at Basile Plastic Surgery, male facelifts are commonly accompanied by a brow lift, eye lift, neck lift, Botox injections and other dermal fillers. Every patient’s face is constructed differently and Dr. Basile is dedicated to recreating a face that remains true to your personal appearance and ultimate goals as a patient.

If you are interested in discussing any of our facial cosmetic procedures, contact our office in Naples, FL to schedule a free initial consultation. Dr. Andrea Basile is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience in procedures for both men and women.

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